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Listening to NPR last Wed morning, a congressmen from CA who was against the stimulus made a shockingly dimwitted argument.  He said that it won’t have any actual effect because every dollar that is spent on stimulus now takes a dollar from the taxpayer’s pocket since the taxpayer foots the bill for the stimulus.  True, the taxpayer does foot the bill, but that misses the point entirely.  The whole concept of the stimulus is that you borrow from the future to prop up demand in the present, so of course the taxpayer will pay for it.  In the future.  Future, not present.  Big difference.  I can’t believe a clown like that got elected.  Then again, I guess it can’t be too surprising since California voters have voted themselves into an unbreakable fiscal headlock over the past few decades.

Written by sandykory

January 31, 2009 at 9:32 am

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