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Charity in Negotiations

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As I’ve written previously, options are critical in negotiations.  In any negotiation, both sides should brainstorm options to probe for outcomes that create mutual benefit.

I was recently negotiating a fee structure with a prospective client that was composed of two parts.  They were having a hard time stomaching one of the parts.  It was very small compared to the other part, but even though it was small we didn’t want to compromise on what we considered was a  ‘market’ price for that part.  After many rounds of back-and-forth, I asked the prospect if there was any dollar amount that would suffice.  They suggested a number, let’s call it x, that was less than what we wanted.  But we would have taken it if we had to.  Then, an idea occurred to me that I thought could create a win-win.  I said that we would take x, but we would prefer that they pay 1.33x but give us half and give the other half to charity.  I’m sure they were shocked to hear the word ‘charity’ coming from an ibanker, and even more stunned to hear us volunteering to take a lower fee, but they thought it was a great idea and enthusiastically agreed to it.

With the tax deduction they’ll get on the donation, they will end up paying about x overall.  So at little net cost to them, they’ll be able to make a large contribution to a deserving charity.  We both feel good about that, and that will surely strengthen our working relationship.  That alone is worth us forgoing part of the fee, and probably worth much more than that.  More importantly, we were able to cause a charity to get a substantial donation that they otherwise would not have received.

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February 1, 2009 at 4:36 am

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