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Missing the Story on the iPhone and iPod Touch

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Comscore has a press release out on a recent study with the headline, “Smartphones Provide Extra Mana for Mobile Games Industry as Audience for Downloaded Games Grows 17 Percent.”

In an article covering the study, Ars Technica headlines, “Study: iPhone leading the pack in mobile phone gaming.  A new study has revealed that smartphone gaming is exploding, and the iPhone is at ground zero.”

Neither the study nor Ars’ article mentions the iPod Touch. Yet the iPod Touch is selling at 5x the rate of the iPhone, so obviously it is driving this trend.  It’s the reason why competing platforms like the Blackberry have no chance to keep up with the quality of games and other apps available on the iPhone.

As I’ve noted before, the killer edge Apple has with the iPhone and iPod Touch is that they are economic complements, like peanut butter and jelly.  More sales of each attract more developer resources to the platform.   This means better apps will be available for each device, driving more sales, attracting development, and so forth.

The study found that iPhone users are 9x as likely to download games to their phones as users of other smartphones. I would bet that they are also downloading many more games on average than non iPhone users, meaning the volume of games downloaded by iPhone users dwarfs that of non-users.   That doesn’t even include downloads on the iPod Touch, and it also doesn’t include downloads of non-gaming apps–another area where Apple is blowing the competition away.

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February 3, 2009 at 7:15 am

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